GØK2 has been turning heads ever since he started performing in Estonia, with his unique and captivating live shows. His passion for music and creative expression can be heard in his original compositions as well as his skillful work as a producer. He is not afraid to experiment with different genres, combining influences from punk-hop, hip hop, post-punk, big beat and break-beats to create his own unique sound.

GØK2’s live performances are always a special experience, with an energetic atmosphere that brings together diverse communities and cultures. He is all about creating unity on stage, collaborating with other musicians and artists to make sure everyone has a fun time.

GØK2 is currently getting ready for the launch of his debut EP and can’t wait to share it with fans all over the world. His passion and dedication to music has led him to make a name for himself in Estonia, and he is determined to make a mark on audiences around the globe. He is sure to bring something fresh and exciting to the music scene, and you won’t want to miss it.