Rhythm Doctor // TIMUTI 8 // GØK2

Friday @ 9:00 pm

Tartu, Estonia

5 EUR Ticket Price

Venue Info

Magasini 5
Tartu, 51005

GØK2 Live at Genialistide Klubi

Rhythm Doctor

DJ/producer/club owner from Birmingham (UK). Started his career DJ’ing at Coventry University events around 1977. Founded the Rhythm Clinic club in 1980. Moved to London in 1986, where together with Jerry Dammers he founded The Artists Against Apartheid club in Covent Garden. In 1988 joined Fantasy FM, a pirate radio station from the East End of London. Founded MAMA Records around 1993. Moved to Tallinn (Estonia) in the late 90s.


A 7 people music ensemble taking the experience of live music to a different approach: the impro jam style of latino/funky/folk rhythms


Is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer hailing from Istanbul and based in Tallinn, Estonia. In collaboration with DJ Alex H, his stage presence has been described as an uncompromising blend of different genres such as alternative, hip hop, post-punk, punk-hop, and world beats.